Career and Technical Education

Earning a Master of Education (M.Ed.) with an emphasis in career and technical education prepares individuals for advanced teaching, research and administrative positions in secondary and postsecondary education, community and technical colleges, higher education, and business and industry related to professional technical education. Throughout the program, coursework and graduate-level learning emphasizes current theory, application and research to help students achieve their career goals.

This degree requires nine hours of core courses as well as 27 credit hours of required emphasis courses. The degree is offered 100 percent online as a non-thesis option only.


Eastern New Mexico University has the most affordable tuition in the state and one of the most affordable in the country. Out of state-students enrolling in six or fewer hours per semester pay tution and fees at the low in-state rate. Current tuition and fees.

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To begin your M.Ed. degree, you may apply online.  Further questions may be directed to Dr. Timothy R. Whicker, 575.562.4124 or Ms. Ashley Ivins 575.562.2526 for initial advising.