Pedagogy and Learning

The interdisciplinary degree in pedagogy and learning is for teachers seeking a master's degree while advancing their knowledge and skills in two or more education disciplines.

This degree is useful if you are interested in adding endorsement areas to a license or becoming highly qualified in another field. This is not an advanced elementary, secondary, or special education degree.

This degree requires nine hours of core courses as well as 15 hours in an emphasis area. You are also required to take 12 hours of advisor-approved elective courses.

Emphasis areas:

  • Bilingual Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Instructional Technology
  • Reading and Literacy
  • An emphasis in educational foundations or special education may be available based upon qualifications.
  • Some educational administration and counseling courses may be accepted with the approval of an advisor in the administration/counseling program.

Your Online Degree Program

Usually the disciplines complement each other. For example, the 12-hour graduate TESOL program compliments a reading emphasis (15 credit hours). All students must meet the graduate school requirements and complete a written comprehensive exam.


Eastern New Mexico University has the most affordable tuition in the state and one of the most affordable in the country. Out-of-state students enrolling in six or fewer hours per semester pay tution and fees at the low in-state rate. Current tuition and fees.

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To begin your Master's in Pedagogy and Learning, you may apply online. Further questions my be directed to Kathleen Donalson.